Pringles 'Multigran’

Social + Film + OOH

Role: Group CD / Creative

How do you get people talking about new Multigrain Pringles with a 50k budget? 

1. Pretend you can’t spell.
2. Watch as people fall over themselves to get on social media and point out your ‘mistake’.
3. Release a response film and follow up OOH campaign doubling down on it.

Alot of people thought this was a genuine f**k up. It wasn’t. We promise, on our grans lives. As someone way smarter than us said: “You’ve created a social campaign masquerading as a poster”.

One Show ‘23: Merit
Caples ‘23: 1 x Silver, 1 x Bronze
Creative Circle ‘23: 1 x Gold, 1 x Silver
Ciclope ‘23: 1 x Silver

The ‘mistake’

The ‘response’ film

Phase 2 OOH