Pringles 'Mind Popping' Global Rebrand

Global Rebrand

Role: Global CD’s & Creatives

The first global rebrand of Pringles in 25 years. Yeah, yeah we know that ‘Once you pop, you can’t stop’ was a great line but they couldn’t say it anymore for legal reasons so shush.

Anyway, Pringles are a brand with lots of mad stories and unique product features and we thought this should play a part in the rebrand. It also gave us a benchmark for all future ideas. If the concept wasn’t ‘mind popping’ by its very nature then it wasn’t right. This is the reason why ideas like ‘The Pringles NPC’ and ‘Pringles Sonic’ got made - because they were world firsts and therefore inherently mind popping. The rebrand ran in most parts of the world including Australia, Europe, Asia and South America.