Gorillaz X E.On Vol.2:
‘Sun powered music’

Experience + Digital + Social

Role: Creative Team
For the second part of the solar collaboration we resurrected Gorillaz fictional, but iconic music studio ‘Kong Studio’ for real, as a fully-functional, solar-powered, touring, recording studio.

'One Charge, One Track.' Up-and-coming talent from around Europe were given the opportunity to create a music track in one night using the day’s stored solar energy.

At the end of the tour, a limited edition Solar Collaboration EP was released by Warner Music featuring the best sun-powered tracks, which you can hear below you lucky, lucky person(s).


1. 'Frequency (No Dormir)' By Lao Ra x Lully x Throwing Shade.

2. 'Meadows' By RIP Swirl x MazeOne

3. 'Szél' By Kram Berev x Kapitány Máté x Ress